SEVENtful (30 Day Challenge)

Task 7: My current crush

He is a natural “superstar”, a head-turner, someone who deserves much, much attention. He is obliviously special. 

He stays usually still and quite whenever he is in the urge to do something.He comes with a great weapon, DETERMINATION. When he wants something, needless of any other agenda, he goes and get it. 

He is tall, the type of tall that would make you wonder about his age. He is a “metalmouth”, but I find it really cute :3. He has this smile which makes me twitch whenever he decides to flash it towards me, and halfheartedly, I smile back. He has this voice, strong but soft, and a face that would make the angels cry.

He is bound to be a great athlete someday, but I see that he is nearing it. He is destined to lead a group of people, and finding a way in solving everybody else’s problems. He is made to become successful, handcrafted by his own struggles, he is finally stepping forward and leaving all the negatives behind.

I admire him for his greatness, his strength and courage. Really a “someone” to adore.



Six-sational (30 Day Challenge)

Task 6: My first crush

I was glancing from left to right, looking for something that may, or may not, suit my interest.

I was hoping that I could talk to someone, or have someone to play with. At a very young age, as huge as the playground may seem, crowed and packed with a lot of people, I was alone.

I searched for that certain playmate, but much to my concern, not a single person came.

I was there all alone, standing in the middle of this crowded playground surrounded by running children, all stinky and dripping with sweat, with their “yayas” running after them and yelling for them to be careful. Surrounded by seesaws, slides, and colorful swings. Everything seemed so festive for my very innocent and isolated mind.

This place was filled with color, so bright and vibrant. Yet, I was excluded from the enjoyment of this wonderland, for I was the only one painted with gray. When I finally decided to give up, I turned around and looked for my parents, but as dramatic as it had been, there he was standing in front of me with his little toy gun, fancy hat and a dreamy stance that had the ability to make my young heart beat to the sound of a drum. There he was, smiling with a smile that made me all rain-bowed up instead of gray, and then he said the words that made me leap for joy: “Tara! come play with me and my friends”. 

I played with him and his friends until my parents told me that it was time to go, by then, I felt as if I was alone again. I didn’t get to catch his name, all I remember is his smile and that phrase.

As young as I was, I cannot escape the fact that I was, indeed, captured by one simple crush.


I am number FIVE (30 Day Challenge)

Task 5: What I hate about myself

Hi self, I love you but I have to do this xD

Here’s a list of the top 10 things that I would most probably hate about myself:

1. I turn lazy whenever I have the urge to do something very unexpected, and when I need to revise a certain task.

2. I am such a control-freak over my things.

3. In the midst of studying for a History test, I drift away to dreamland. Hahahaha 😀

4. I panic a little “too much” at times.

5. I hate how I hate waiting for people. But, as my mother would always say: “mabuti nang ikaw ang maghintay, kaysa ikaw ang hihintayin”, makes sense.

6. I turn “suplada” sometimes.

7. Sometimes really really “maarte”

8. I think I have OCD, I am very particular with cleanliness, when I start to clean my room, please do not disturb me.

9. I am very insecure of other people. 

10. I do not like sharing my secrets.

FOUR-tastic (30 Day Challenge)

Day 4 – What do you like about yourself?

Ummm this is awkward.

I apologize, I am not in my best writing mood as of the moment, and having to deal with this certain topic, it is just hilarious.

Me? I only have one thing to be proud of, I have a very strong faith. I believe in the Lord’s power and finesse  and all His mightiness. I like how I deal with problems through my trusty prayer weapons.

I am not the type of person to brag about myself that much, I mostly want others to brag FOR me.

But, I may have something that can be cherished, something that can be liked, and can be of worth to people.

I don’t know yet, so. for now, I should try on finding it out.


THREE-rific (30 Day Challenge)

Day 3: Things I don’t like

Things I hate, hmm?

I am very particular with things, to start of, I hate it when I try to fix things and others “try” to help me.

I hate it when I am in the middle of doing something important and someone decides to ruin my concentration.

I hate it when people force me into doing things that I am hesitant of.

I hate it when I don’t get to finish my job or tasks.

I hate how lazy I am at times.

I have this certain wrath for lizards.When I was younger, I opened our window and one freaking lizard decided to land its cold-reptile-like skin on my delicate arm. The next day, I had a fever which lasted for almost 2 weeks, talk about having a phobia.

I hate sleeping with the lights still on.

I hate sharing a blanket.

I hate anime (sorry “otaku” people).

I hate it whenever we talk about Religion. I was raised in a Catholic family and I have come to realize and accept all the differences of every single religion, what bugs me the most is whenever the topic comes out, it all seems clear to me that my companions have this certain gap and I feel it whenever a certain matter, as serious and fragile as this comes up.

I hate the world, our world right now for it is very selfish, we are very selfish, including me.

I hate how I hate things.

I hate me sometimes.

But, there is more to life than just hate.

In the end, we all have to deal with these things, whether we like it or not. We have no choice.


Favorites (30 Day Challenge)


Here’s a list of some of my favorite things:


I love books, I read a lot 🙂

I am fond of writing, it is my, as the well acknowledged Edward Cullen would say: “My own brand of heroin”.

I am a swimmer, so basically it is my favorite sport.

I love to sing, but singing doesn’t particularly love me! hahaha 🙂

I love food, I eat a lot, I cook sometimes, I even dreamed of being a pastry chef before but with only limited resources I humbly gave up that dream.

My favorite teddy bear is named “Tanya”, call me childish but I have been sleeping with her tucked in my arms for almost 6 years now.

My favorite day is Sunday, I feel the sacredness of this day, I always feel like I am blessed and loved.

I have so many favorites, some I prefer not to expose, and some that are ironically bizarre. Though, I intend not to be secretive, because my favorite pastime is to talk .